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Isn’t it amazing how the pandemic has sparked an interest in online education? Believe it or not, since March 2020, over 15 million learners (including a few celebrities) have been exploring courses, and they’ve sent 8.5 million clicks to MOOC providers. And guess what? Even after the pandemic is over, the eLearning industry is projected to grow exponentially! In fact, by 2028, it’s expected to reach a market size of USD 15,000 million with a CAGR of 6.5%.

As an entrepreneur, this is great news for you! Now is the perfect time to dive into this market, and there’s a new platform that makes it easier than ever before to start your own eLearning business. In the past, there were many obstacles to overcome, but not anymore. With this new platform, you can launch your own eLearning business in just a matter of minutes, without any prior experience or technical skills. It’s truly that simple!

Video Block Layout
Video Block Layout
starts from $982.99

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